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On Point Leadership has designed and facilitates multi-day institutes for school leaders that support the development of knowledge, understanding, and behaviors of successful school leaders. Each of our hallmark institutes is a collaboration with the Center for Creative Leadership and delivers a unique curriculum grounded in well-established leadership principles as well as the unique challenges of an educational environment.

Each of the programs is designed for a specific level of educator, includes a 360º or other leadership assessment, feedback with a CCL-certified coach, supportive activities and content aligned with applicable leadership responsibilities and challenges of the group members. Out programs can also be followed with targeted online tools and support.


We are happy to work with leadership cohort directors to customize On Point Leadership Institutes.


The Aspiring Leader Institute is a three-day, active, rigorous cohort-based program designed to support educators who are preparing to become principals.


This institute focuses on developing culturally competent leaders who understand their core values and leadership styles, their vision for high performing schools, and how their relationships with school community members impact their success.


  • Develop a clear understanding of your core values, leadership strengths, and development needs

  • Develop an authentic teachable point of view

  • Develop effective interpersonal and relational leadership skills

  • Develop an understanding of the importance of cultural competence and develop a repertoire of achievable actions that promote cultural competence in school


The Leading a Challenging School Institute is a  three- day, cohort-based program for principals leading particularly challenging schools, including turnarounds and schools in re-design.


The content is based on an extensive research base from the Center for Creative Leadership, Public Impact, and Mass Insight, and the activities and learning experiences are designed and informed by faculty from On Point Leadership and the Center for Creative Leadership.


  • Develop a greater self-awareness for personal and professional leadership growth

  • Understand the importance of maintaining a focus on high expectations and building a healthy school culture

  • Understand the existing climate for creativity in the workplace and enhance leadership behaviors that promote innovation

  • Understand the processes of change and transition, and develop strategies to overcome resistance to change

  • Understand the practices necessary for collaborative leadership

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