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On Point believes that effective leadership is crucial to successful schools and that leadership can be learned. We also believe that in order for leaders to have a real opportunity to be successful, universities have an obligation to prepare leaders who will be ready to lead schools and districts must have systems to develop and support leaders. 






Exercise behaviors that are aligned with relevant leadership standards and competencies

Understand their own leadership skills and are committed to the further development of their personal leadership

Are culturally and emotionally competent and engaged in developing a supportive school culture

Develop and widely share leadership and accountability

Understand instruction and pedagogy and can support teachers and staff to improve their practice

Use data to target school improvement goals and performance

Build a widely-shared vision with high expectations and a constant focus on the achievement of all children

Understand the principles of effective leadership

Understand the district's leadership and pedagogical needs

Support individuals and networks of leaders to develop and practice leadership

Build partnerships and create systems to develop and support leaders at all levels

Support the continuous development of school leaders

Create systems that allow effective leaders to flourish and systems for the strategic management of human capital

Is developmental

Includes extensive and supervised clinical practice

Works in partnership with school districts

Reflects current knowledge and initiatives, is research-based, and supports participants to develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary for effective school leadership

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